A Message from the President


Daiwa Institute of Research President


Japanese society is digitalizing at an unprecedentedly rapid pace in line with the transformation of the country's industrial structure and competitive environment, and this digitalization is expected to bring new values to businesses. When it comes to digital technology, however, the goal often becomes the implementation of the very latest tool itself, when what is important is how we utilize the implemented digital technology to add value to the business. But there are various barriers to reaching this stage and many companies seem to be struggling due to the host of operational issues encountered as they try to adopt digitalization. These include a shortage of IT specialists, the difficulty in shifting resources and operational efficiency, and the necessity of switching to job-focused employment.

At Daiwa Institute of Research, we see these changes as an opportunity for companies to grow and move forward, and have therefore enhanced collaboration among our specialists across our core fields of research, systems, and consulting. Through this collaboration, we provide clients with a full package of services, from analysis of their management issues and proposal of solutions to consultation on the organization, operations, and systems based on the solutions as well as their implementation. We strive to become the best partner of our clients.

Daiwa Institute of Research has been supporting the business strategy of the Daiwa Securities Group while at the same time meeting the wide-ranging needs of many clients, accumulating various insights on advanced technology along the way.
We will continue to create innovative services, support clients in improving their corporate value, and contribute to society by bringing together the experiences and know-how we have cultivated over the years in each field.