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System Solutions

Provide active support in promoting customers’ businesses through technology by offering high-quality, reliable systems services

We support our customers’ businesses with a full range of systems solutions, including systems consulting for creating businesses with customers, systems integration based on insights from AI technology and data science, systems services for shared usage that feature high responsiveness and flexibility, and operational services for state-of-the-art data centers.

  • Systems consulting
  • Systems integration
  • Systems services for shared usage
  • AI and data science

Systems Solutions

Corporate sector solutions

We solve issues by using the cutting-edge systems solutions

Efforts toward advanced technology

Efforts toward advanced technology

As symbolized by the rise of Fintech (a portmanteau of “finance” and “information technology”), our society has been changing faster than ever due to the rapid evolution of technology. At Daiwa Institute of Research, we endeavor to pursue the potential of technology through the research and development of advanced technology.

Contributing to the Daiwa Securities Group

As a leading provider of backbone systems for Daiwa Securities Group companies, we provide high-quality, reliable systems services, supporting the core part of their businesses.
As symbolized by the rise of Fintech, the rapid evolution of technology has significantly impacted the entire financial industry. Amid such circumstances, we endeavor to capture the trend of the ever-changing securities business while engaging in the research and investigation of valuable, advanced information technologies as well as their commercial applications. Furthermore, amid the globalization of financial instruments, markets and institutional investors, we have focused on the provision of global systems services, including personnel exchanges with overseas IT vendors.
All of us at the Daiwa Institute of Research are committed to actively supporting IT strategies of the Daiwa Securities Group, thus contributing to the enhancement of competitiveness of the Daiwa Securities Group.

Quality as a Basis of Services

At the Daiwa Institute of Research, we recognize that quality is a basis of services and take constant measures to enhance quality.

Ongoing measures to enhance quality

Our quality policies are to increase customer satisfaction, enhance quality and boost productivity as we strive to provide safe and reliable information services.

Reducing project risks

We have systemized risk control procedures for systems projects. Projects are monitored during the entire process, from the proposal stage to completion, based on planning reviews, progress reviews and post-project reviews.