We contribute to the society by generating and dispatching information and advocating public policies, validated by our rigorous research and analysis.

Serving as the think tank for the Daiwa Securities Group, we provide a broad range of highly specialized research information by leveraging our advanced analysis capabilities. Reflecting our track record as a specialist in macro economy and financial and capital markets, we have had increasing opportunities to be involved in policy making. As our research fields continue expanding to include regional revitalization, Fintech and ESG (Environmental, social and governance) investments, we will remain committed to initiatives that will contribute to the revitalization of the economy, society and financial and capital markets in the future.




We study and analyze economic trends in Japan, Western countries and fast-growing emerging nations, using our expert techniques focusing on fundamentals and high-precision information gathering capabilities.

Economic forecasts

As Japan’s economy nears a major turning point amidst a falling birthrate, an aging population, and structural changes on a global scale, we conduct future projections from the short- to mid/long-term perspectives.


Capital market analysis

Our research and analysis in this area is conducted from our unique perspective and covers the structural changes surrounding financial and capital markets in and outside Japan, capital flows and behavior of market players

Legal and market infrastructures

We conduct research on legal and tax systems that comprise the basis of financial and capital markets both in and outside Japan. Target areas include corporate laws, financial instrument transaction laws, accounting standards, tax systems and financial systems.


Economic system analysis

Commanding a view of the Japanese economy from the long-term perspective, we assess and analyze economic policies while making proposals on economic revitalization through fiscal and social security reforms and growth strategies.

Social system analysis

With the aim of ensuring social sustainability by overcoming structural economic challenges, we conduct research on sustainable investment and corporate governance mainly from the viewpoint of capital markets.

Research Reports