Implications for Japan from EU Transition Measures

Initiatives related to labor mobility in response to greening


February 10, 2023

  • Megumi Wada


◆Transition measures are needed for industries, regions and workers adversely affected by climate-change measures. This is called the Just-Transition, and the EU has been working on measures such as establishing related funds as part of the Next Generation EU fund for economic reconstruction. In the U.K., skill acquisition support was carried out for corporations.

◆Considering these cases in EU and the United Kingdom, the Japanese will need to develop a backcasting system based on prospects for employment and skills, a system for auditing and certifying skills, an environment that makes it easier to acquire skills, and a system for transferring between regions.

◆Considering the difference in employment practices between Japan and Europe, it is necessary to support the transition of corporations from a human resource perspective, such as a mechanism to encourage corporations to acquire employee skills. However, the challenge is to develop an environment that includes consideration for work styles, including a flexible work system for employees to acquire skills. In addition, support for individuals is also necessary.

◆The electricity sector is expected to have a significantly adverse impact in Japan, and if thermal power is reduced, employment in the power sector and industries in its supply chain will be reduced. Thirty to forty percent of workers in the sector will still be of working age 20 years from now after the development of climate change measures, and support for this group is needed.

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