Will Nursing Care be Changed by Social Security Reform for All Generations?

While quality of service is expected to improve, revision of benefits and burden will likely be postponed.


February 09, 2023

  • Miku Ishibashi


◆At the end of 2022, a government conference compiled a report on the building of a "Social Security System Oriented to All Generations" that will provide social security for all generations, including the generations to be born in the future. Each items for consideration in the nursing care field were discussed by the Long-term Care Insurance Subcommittee of the Social Security Council.

◆To summarize, while progress was made in further deepening and promoting the community-based integrated care system, consideration of reforms that would increase the burden on the elderly was postponed. If there is no progress in reviewing benefits and burdens, the burden of current and future generations will continue to increase.

◆In order to ensure the sustainability of the long-term care insurance system even as the aging of society continues, it is necessary to develop an information utilization infrastructure for the efficient provision of long-term care services and to improve productivity in the field through the dissemination of digital technology.

◆In addition, it is essential to review the benefits and burdens to ensure fairness according to the ability of the elderly to pay.

◆Without restraining growth in nursing care costs, which is particularly high in social security benefit expenditures, concerns about the future of the working generation will intensify, and this will also affect sluggish personal consumption and the declining birthrate.

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