Online Confirmation System Lays Groundwork for Medical Reform

Improving efficiency of medical care system is advantageous for citizens and patients


April 28, 2022

  • Miku Ishibashi


◆The FY2022 revision of medical fees newly established an additional payment to evaluate the practice of medical care using patient information acquired through the online confirmation system for health insurance qualification. This is to support medical institutions in introducing the system, which has gained little participation due to cost burden. The government aims for almost all medical institutions and pharmacies to utilize the system by the end of March 2023.

◆In addition to reducing the administrative burden on medical institutions and providing high-quality medical care in times of disasters, the government plans to promote future developments in the medical field by arranging an analytical environment for vast amounts of data on health, medical care, and long-term care, through the online confirmation system. Innovations such as drug discovery in the private sector are also required.

◆Owing to various medical problems, which have emerged since the coronavirus crisis, restructuring the medical service system in Japan is an urgent issue. The analysis of databases built up through the online confirmation system will also lead to a more efficient medical care system. In view of the fact that the cost of introducing and operating the online confirmation system is supported by the consumption tax and health insurance premiums, it is necessary to utilize consolidated data in order to reform the medical service system.

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