Why Should We Focus on the Blue Economy?

Improving Sustainability of Global Environment through Moderate Use of Oceans


April 30, 2021

  • Takuya Ichikawa


◆The Blue Economy can be viewed as an environmentally sustainable economy of the ocean. The land and sea are interconnected, and it is necessary to capture the sustainable economy not only with the "green" of the trees but also the blue economy that preserves the "blue" of the sea.

◆The ocean is an important sink for carbon dioxide and absorbs heat from the atmosphere, and plays an extremely important role in supporting the global environment. However, the importance of the oceans does not mean that they should not be used for economic activities, but rather that they should be used appropriately to contribute to the global environment, contributing to the sustainable development of the oceans themselves.

◆The blue economy is already attracting international attention. In the future, if a wide range of people, including not only experts and maritime stakeholders, but also general consumers, develop shared values, it will be possible to create an even greater movement through changes in consumer behavior.

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