Generation that Grew Up with SDGs to Change Future Society


March 09, 2022

  • Takuya Ichikawa


◆The SDGs are incorporated into the basis of the current school education system, and education is provided not for "knowledge" in specific subjects, but for thinking about things from the perspective of building a sustainable society and acquiring skills.

◆The values of the SDGs Generation (a generation that has received education that incorporates the concept of the SDGs), which will be educated on the basis of how environmental and human rights considerations are important for the formation of a sustainable society, will differ greatly from the present.

◆The difference in values between the present generation and the SDGs Generation will eventually appear in the form of actions and behaviors. For example, it can bring about major changes in product purchasing, selection of employment destinations, and voting behavior. That's why to win over the SDGs Generation, corporations need to be in line with their values.

◆For example, corporations will be asked whether they are prepared to clearly state in articles of incorporation that they exist to create a sustainable society, and to solve social issues.

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