Special Report: The Corona Crisis and the Global Economy

Confronting the COVID-19 pandemic


April 17, 2020

  • Mitsumaru Kumagai
  • Takashi Kodama
  • Keiji Kanda
  • Akane Yamaguchi
  • Masahiko Hashimoto
  • Daisuke Yasaku
  • Kazuko Yamazaki
  • Naoto Saito


  1. Confronting the COVID-19 pandemic(Mitsumaru Kumagai)
  2. Aspects of Global Recession(Takashi Kodama)
  3. The Japanese Economy(Keiji Kanda, Akane Yamaguchi)
  4. The US Economy(Masahiko Hashimoto, Daisuke Yasaku)
  5. The European Economy(Kazuko Yamazaki)
  6. The Chinese Economy(Naoto Saito)

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