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1. Attribute Indication
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2. DATA indication
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Composite (Investable) and Custom

Government Bond

Municipal Bond

Government Guaranteed

Bank Debentures

Corporate Bond

Yen denominated foreign

Residential Mortgage Backed Securites

Fiscal Loan ABS

Floating-rate Bond

Inflation-Indexed Bond

Standard term

Every one year(*3)

Type of industry classification(*2)

Ranking classification(*1)



Total Return(Daily)

Total Return(Monthly)

Capital Gain(Daily)

Capital Gain(Monthly)

(*1) Only Corporate Bonds can be chosen
(*2) Corporate Bonds or Municipal Bonds can be chosen
(*3) Composite,Composite(Investable) or Government Bonds can be chosen
3. Download
3-1 Monthly attribute data
3-2 Index daily time series data
3-3 Index Monthly time series data
4. After rebalance attribute expectation indication

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