As the think tank of the Daiwa Securities Group, Daiwa Institute of Research provides sophisticated services in the areas of research, consulting, and system solutions, coordinating our capabilities in these three areas.

Drawing on its knowledge and insight gained from many years’ experience, the research division studies and analyzes a wide range of fields, from domestic and international economies to financial and capital markets and economic environments. Through collaboration with external research institutions, the division also offers advice backed by data from a neutral perspective while providing timely information within and outside the Daiwa Securities Group.

In the consulting division, we address the various challenges faced by our customers, aiming to enhance the value of their business through a broad range of management consulting services. Our objective is to offer clients multifaceted and comprehensive solutions in collaboration with the financial and system solutions capabilities of the Daiwa Securities Group.

The system solutions division focuses on systems support for the securities operations of each Group company. Its total-package services range from system design and construction to maintenance and operation. While leveraging offshore solutions and cloud computing technology to provide cost-effectiveness and high reliability, at the same time we endeavor to deliver innovative services through the analysis of big data and utilization of AI and other technologies.

Combining the strengths of its three divisions, Daiwa Institute of Research actively supports global businesses mainly in Asia through its research on economies, financial and capital markets, economic environment and so on; comprehensive consulting on business management including overseas expansion; and the global development of securities systems.

Daiwa Institute of Research will continue to strive to be a leading provider of research, consulting, and system solutions for the Daiwa Securities Group.

Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation offers total services tailored to specific customer needs. It does this by integrating the think-tank functions, such as research and consulting services, cultivated over many years by Daiwa Institute of Research with the systems solutions functions that have been provided to customers in a wide range of industries.

The rapidly changing corporate landscape means that organizations today need someone who can accurately assess their requirements and execute solutions swiftly. Thanks to our deep ties with Daiwa Institute of Research, one of the leading think tanks in Japan, Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation is uniquely positioned to offer the very best solutions for our customers. In addition, unlike many other consulting firms, we are not bound to particular software packages.

As a close partner of our clients, we work side-by-side with them to ensure their success.

Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings President
Daiwa Institute of Research President
Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation President
Yoriyuki Kusaki

Entering the 21st century, the world has moved away from the post-Cold War dominance of the US and toward a more multilateral and collaborative geopolitical scenario. However, it is no exaggeration to say that global political uncertainty has grown in recent years. For example, the Middle East looks ever more unstable with the emergence of the Islamic State. The Ukrainian crisis has increased tensions between Russia and the West. Further, China, through its naval expansion, has been feeding tensions in relation to the security of the Asia-Pacific region.

Risks have also become interconnected along with the globalization of the economy, partially owing to the advancement of information and communication technology, which has enhanced the simultaneity and timeliness of the economy and society beyond borders. Amidst the growing economic uncertainty, each country and region has been individually trying to resolve the issues they face. Yet, they have their own unique circumstances, ruling out any overarching comprehensive resolution.

The US has continued to focus on its dual goals of maximizing employment while stabilizing prices through its policy programs. These programs have taken effect, and the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) has started to shift away from monetary easing. However, given no precedent to follow, the FRB is facing difficulties developing policies for the future.

Having enjoyed the benefits of economic integration, Europe has now seen some EU member countries fall into financial difficulties following the May 2010 Greek financial crisis. Since then, the EU has provided financial support to these countries. As a result, it seems that the EU economy is exiting the worst of the difficulties, although the risk of a default by Greece still remains.

In Asia, China has continued to grow rapidly and has become the world' s second largest economy. However, with the slowing economy, China is facing the new challenge of achieving a so-called "new normal."

While the advanced economies have remained sluggish, emerging countries have successfully maintained strong economic growth. However, they are faced with slowing economies as a result of the unfavorable effects of the US FRB' s exit from quantitative monetary easing and weakening resource prices.

Japan, meanwhile, is facing graying demographics and seems to be heading toward a considerable population decline. Japan' s fiscal condition is at the worst level compared with globally, and long-run fiscal sustainability must be ensured. Under these circumstances, the government must reshape the country to maintain stable economic growth and sustain the social security system in the form of pensions, healthcare, and nursing care.

In such an age of uncertainty, further and increasing expectations are being placed on think-tanks in order to deal with wide-ranging issues and find solutions.

Staffed by a group of first-rate professionals in research, consulting and system solutions with a global network, Daiwa Institute of Research is committed to providing quality information services and optimal solutions that are always on top of ever-changing needs of the times.

Daiwa Institute of Research
Chairman of the Institute
Toshiro Mutoh

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