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Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings President
Daiwa Institute of Research President
Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation President

Yoriyuki KUSAKI

Yoriyuki KUSAKI

As the think tank of the Daiwa Securities Group, Daiwa Institute of Research provides sophisticated services in the areas of research, consulting, and system solutions, coordinating our capabilities in these three areas.

Drawing on its knowledge and insight gained from many years’ experience, the research division studies and analyzes a wide range of fields, from domestic and international economies to financial and capital markets, while providing timely information within and outside the Daiwa Securities Group. In addition, through collaboration with government agencies and external research institutions, the division also offers advice backed by data from a neutral perspective. In recent years, by focusing particularly on regional revitalization as a key part of Japan’s growth strategy, we have been concentrating our efforts on policy recommendations toward revitalizing the regional economy.

In the consulting division, we address the various challenges faced by our customers, identify latent issues that customers themselves have not been aware of, and propose solutions for improvement, aiming to enhance the value of their business through a broad range of management consulting services. Our objective is to offer clients multifaceted and comprehensive solutions in collaboration with the financial and system solutions capabilities of the Daiwa Securities Group.

The system solutions division focuses on providing support for information systems that underpin the operations of each Daiwa Securities Group company. Its total-package services range from system design and construction to maintenance and operation. In Fintech, a field that combines financial and advanced technologies, we commenced the provision of stock information using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based stock price forecasting model as well as an automated Q&A service that utilizes chatbots, thus maximizing the achievements of research and studies on advanced technologies cultivated over many years for practical applications.

Combining the strengths of its three divisions, Daiwa Institute of Research actively supports global businesses mainly in Asia through its research on economies, financial and capital markets and so on; comprehensive consulting on business management including support for overseas expansion by Japanese companies; and the global development of securities systems.

Daiwa Institute of Research will continue to strive to be a leading provider of research, consulting, and system solutions for the Daiwa Securities Group.

Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation offers total services tailored to specific customer and regional needs. It does this by integrating the think-tank functions, such as research and consulting services, cultivated over many years by Daiwa Institute of Research with the systems consulting and systems solutions functions that have been provided to customers in a wide range of industries.

The rapidly changing corporate landscape means that organizations today need someone who can accurately assess their requirements and execute solutions swiftly. Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation provides regional financial institutions with a wide range of solutions, from support for establishing Internet-based businesses, which are expected to further expand in the future, to the implementation of systems, thus contributing to enhancing their competitive advantage. In addition, through our deep ties with Daiwa Institute of Research, one of the leading think tanks in Japan, we offer the very best solutions in a comprehensive manner for our diverse range of customers including companies in a variety of industries, the public sector and health insurance providers.

As a close partner of our clients, we work side-by-side with them to ensure their success.