Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Corporate Profile

Company Name Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Description of Business Research and studies on economy and social issues, policy recommendation, consulting, and system integration
Commencement of Operation October 1, 2008
Head Office 15-6 Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8460 Japan
Tel: +81-3-5620-5100
Fax: +81-3-5620-5603
President Yoriyuki Kusaki
Capital 1,000 million yen
Date of Settlement March 31
Shareholder (%) Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Ltd. (100%)
Members of the Board
*Representative Director
President* Yoriyuki Kusaki
Senior Executive Managing Director Eishu Kosuge
Senior Executive Managing Director Susumu Okano
Senior Executive Managing Director Saburo Jifuku
Senior Executive Managing Director Takehiko Mizutani
Senior Executive Managing Director Hiroyuki Nomura
Senior Managing Director Akihiko Ogino
Auditor Masahiko Kondo
Auditor Kazunori Fujii
Executive Officers
Executive Managing Director Masatoshi Makino
Executive Managing Director Sumio Otsuka
Executive Managing Director Noriaki Takahashi
Executive Managing Director Toshihiko Kishimoto
Senior Managing Director Tsunemitsu Hirayama
Senior Managing Director Kotaro Tanaka
Senior Managing Director Mitsumaru Kumagai
Senior Managing Director Kunihiro Fujita
Senior Managing Director Fumihiko Nakamine
Senior Managing Director Yukio Narita
Chairman of the Institute Toshiro Mutoh
Deputy Chairman of the Institute Yusuke Kawamura
Senior Counselor Daishiro Michimori
Affiliated Companies
  • DIR Information Systems Co., Ltd.
  • DIR Xunhe Business Innovation (Hong Kong)Ltd.
  • DIR-ACE Technology Ltd.

Corporate Information