Corporate management advisory services

Aiming to improve corporate values, Daiwa Institute of Research supports clients with clarifying issues and formulating strategies.

Corporate management has become increasingly advanced and complex year by year and various tasks are difficult to solve using the traditional methods. Utilizing our knowledge and experience as a think tank in the financial industry, Daiwa Institute of Research provides wide-range of consulting services to help improve better strategy that are commonly applicable to the company both in and out.

Reorganizing businesses and M&As

With our consistent commitments, Daiwa Institute of Research is determined to provide valuable advisory and consulting services in reorganizations and M&As.

Recent dramatic changes of business environment have led many companies to face decisions in business restructuring as well as expansion and the demands are on growing trends. Cooperation with the Daiwa Securities Group, Daiwa Institute of Research provides quality consulting services for clients with various needs at every business stage.

Business operations

Daiwa Institute of Research enhances the structure and ideas to fulfill strategy.

In order to increase enterprise value, not only is it necessary to plot appropriate strategy, but also to reinforce the underpinnings of strategy execution. We possess and utilize a wide spectrum of relevant knowledge and experiences on the enhancement of strategy implementation such as constructing organizational and human resources management, corporate governance, business and administration management, risk management, internal control (J-SOX), and so forth.

Developing new business

Daiwa Institute of Research strives to develop new areas of business opportunities capitalizing our strengths as a think tank.

As domestic markets mature and business environments turn borderless, breaking out the existing paradigm and tapping into new areas of businesses is increasingly deemed significant in order that corporations, industries, and the economy as a whole develop further. Our experts in various areas in capital markets support the origination of new business opportunities through comprehensive cooperation with the Daiwa Securities Group.